Brick Build Guild

The Brick Build Guild provides support sessions based on the principles of Lego® Based Therapy to small groups of individuals. Take a look at the benefits and how we can help.

Brick Build Guild logo. A shield with Minifigure head.

What is The Brick Build Guild?

The Brick Build Guild is a support intervention club designed on the principles of Lego® Based Therapy. It can help individuals with communication difficulties and emotional regulation to build their skills, and provides an opportunity to interact with others in a safe and fun space.

Participants work as a team in a number of roles to collaborate and build.

The curriculum is designed on evidence-based research by Daniel Le Goff et al, and uses Lego® as a fun way to explore language, emotions and interactions.

Who is The Brick Build Guild for?

Sessions are usually run as small groups (3-5 people) and are suitable for ages 5 to 105! Sessions can also be adapted for one to one.

We have provided sessions at community centres, schools and universities to help groups with communication and interaction. We can deliver sessions anywhere as long as there is a big table for us to use!

How do I find out more or book a programme?

Contact us and we will arrange a free 30 minute chat to discuss your requirements. We can provide a programme, or help you to set up your own.

Training for your organisation

We also provide training on how you can use Lego® as a support tool in your setting. Contact us to find out more.